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Oasia hotel is quite a hidden gem in terms of hotels in Singapore. It is mainly a business hotel, targeted at foreign businessmen, most of whom have appointments in the many offices in the Novena area. Though seldom heard of, Oasia Hotel is reputed as one of the better business hotels in the country. In this review, you will be able to decide if Oasia Hotel is indeed the right hotel for you, especially if you are looking for a business hotel.

Date of stay: January 2o13


8 Sinaran Dr, Singapore 307470 ‎

+65 6664 0333 ‎

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4 Star


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Prices start from SGD $340 when you book through the hotel website. When you book through hotel booking websites, prices can go as low as SGD $232 per night.


Oasia hotel is conveniently located in the Novena area of Singapore. It is within a stone’s throw from a plethora of office towers and lifestyle shopping malls such as United Square, Velocity and Square 2, all located in the same area. It would take less than 10 minutes to walk to the office towers at united square, novena square and many others in the Newton area. Furthermore, Oasia Hotel has a direct underpass to take hotel guests right to the Novena Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) station. It is also situated proximately to hospitals and medical centres such as Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH), Novena Medical Centre, Novena Specialist Centre and Thompson Medical centre. Furthermore, the government has plans to turn the novena area into a medical district of Singapore, so medical tourists or guests seeking medical treatment in Singapore will find it extremely convenient to stay at Oasia Hotel Singapore. It is also convenient for tourists to travel to local places of attractions. Examples include Singapore’s famed shopping district, Orchard Road and delicious local food fare at the Balestier area.

The hotel is nicely designed and put together from the outside, and it looks new and well managed. However, I find that the heavy usage of blue tinted glass gives the hotel too much of an office look, revealing right away that it is one targeted at businessmen. Also, such a design does not really make the hotel stand out, since it is surrounded by plenty office towers. Also, such a design does not add a “wow” factor when viewed from the outside.


Stepping into the room, you will notice that the room has been nicely designed, encompassing lots of woodwork. I personally like the design of the room as it gives a rustic, yet modern and not old fashioned look to the room. I find that such a design makes the room seem very welcoming and cosy, even before you even lie on the bed.

The beds were very comfortable to lie in and the sheets were clean, fresh and well pressed. All these added to the comfort of the room. However, I found that the size of the bed was too small for big sized guys, and the reason for the small beds is probably due to the compactness and relatively small area of the room.

However, I must admit that despite the small size of the room, the hotel managed to fit all basic amenities into the room. There was a mini bar albeit fairly sparse, with a rather limited selection of soft drinks and a beer. The saving point is that Oasia Hotel is a business hotel, targeted at businessmen who spend much time working and lesser time in the hotel room. Thus, there would be less importance for a mini bar abundant in drink selection. There were also glasses and even a coffee maker, all nicely stored in built in drawers beside the TV set. This ingenious design saves lots of space and doesn’t leave the room with unsightly drawers and cupboards which are out of place.

The quintessential of a business hotel is indubitably the work table. And the work table in the hotel room was just fantastic.



The work desk was spacious and clean, and was big enough to accommodate a laptop, some papers and even files. Furthermore, there were many amenities that would make it easy and convenient for the businessman who wants to finish up is work in the hotel room. For instance, a complete set of stationery was provided and neatly stored in a brown box on the desk, and there was even an iPhone docking station so that guests can charge their phones and listen to music at the same time, all while doing work. The table lamp was also adjustable and of a good brightness, allowing the right amount of light to fall on wherever you want. Furthermore, the desk had plugs that supported HDMI and VGA usage. This means that a guest would be able to connect his laptop to the TV monitor and give a presentation to a small group in the room if needed.


Albeit the small size of the room, the toilet was surprising spacious. Perhaps one can see it as being practical, because having a good warm bath after a long day of work is definitely one of the many desires of a busy businessman.

Everything in the toilet spelt Zen. From the grainy, textured stone tiles on the wall to the shape of the sink, stepping into the toilet makes me feel like I’ve been transported to a spa. However, I must say that while the lighting adds to the ambience, it is just so slightly dim, and this might not be appealing to all.

Guests also get a choice of the bathtub or the shower, as the room comes with both installed. Needles to say, all basic amenities are provided. However, Oasia Hotel goes a the further mile to provide certain amenities that many other hotels to provide, just so that guests can have a more comfortable and convenient stay in their room. Examples include a loofah and even mouthwash. Furthermore, there is even an in built speaker system in the toilet (which is controlled by the silver knob in the picture on the right below), so guests can play relaxing music while in the bathtub, or even listen to the news whilst doing some make up!


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