All About HotelSider

Who We Are, What We Do

HotelSider is a hotel review and news site written by travelers, for travelers. Every hotel review is personally written and photographed by our team, essentially bringing you the entire hotel experience from an onsite perspective.

What makes us different?
  1. Pictures speak a thousand words – Unlike traditional hotel review sites or blogs, we prefer to let pictures do the talking. You will find pictures which not just reflect the positive aesthetics of properties which we stay at, but also the (somewhat hidden) ugly side if we do encounter them. We also believe that pictures bring about a neutral level of objectivity.
  2. On-Site, Everytime – All reviews are personally written by the contributing team who stay at every property. Photographs, experiences and content are all freshly written by us, not syndicated or reproduced from other sites. Simply put, we never write about a hotel which we have never been at, period. Thus, honesty and accuracy are guaranteed.
  3. Asia Focused – Asia is a treasure trove of destinations yet to be discovered, more of which are springing up even right now. So the next time you’re planning on visiting a new place, check out whether we have been there first for some insider takes. (Of course we do review hotels in other continents as well, occasionally.)

Above all, we are a small team who are truly passionate about scouting the best that hotels have to offer. Every stay is an experience that leaves an impression one way or another, thus we built HotelSider to reflect these memorable journeys. Follow us on FaceBook, Twitter & Instagram to get in on our latest happenings!

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Interesting Trivia

HotelSider was officially launched to the world on Pi day, 13 March 2014 at exactly 3.14pm!