The Sheraton Tower Hotel is a well furbished luxury hotel located in Newton, Singapore. It is located outside Exit B of Newton Station.

Date of stay: November 2013


 The size of the room is not very big, with dim lighting so people might have problem reading, or doing their work in the night however it has a table  lamp, so the light would not affect other guests in the room. Sheraton will be a good place for couples to spend their night there. The room has a brown wall and carpet which makes it very rustic. The furnishing makes the room old-fashioned but classy at the same time. Old but gold.


 The size of the lounge is quite big and it is very spacey which can accommodate around 40 to 50 people.. The lighting is pretty bright and it is a good place for people to read, chit-chat and to do their work in the night. The room is very well furnished and as it is Christmas now, they have designed the room with Christmas stuffs which brings out the festive mood. To add on, the music played there are also Christmas Day songs. The lounge also serves cocktails and light snacks during 5:30pm-7:30pm. However, the cocktails and light snacks are only available for executive lounge guests and for those staying at tower rooms. There is a few variety of cocktails and light snacks and it is pretty delicious. However, there are both good and bad points about the service in the lounge. For instance, there was a group of guest making a lot of noise till the extend where by some of the other guests were so annoyed that they decided to just leave and the lounge attendant did not even try to get the group of guest to lower their volume down. But, the lounge attendant did stop two children from running up and down and they also reminded us that the bar is closing so that we can go and grab another cup of coffee before it closes. The lounge attendant also reminded us that we can have a better breakfast downstairs which shows that they are very attentive.

 The wide blue outdoor pool on the 5th floor brings a touch of modern-civilization to the Old but Gold design of the hotel. A great place for couples or families to gather and to have a swim together. There are also chairs at the side for couples or families to relax and just have a chit-chat or suntanning session around the pool chairs. There are around 25 pool chairs all together, hence there would not be a problem where by there are not enough seats as the swimming pool is not usually crowded. For instance, in the morning there are only about 3 people and at night there may not be a single person there.


The indoor gym is well equipped as it has equipments such as dumbbells, treadmills, weight lifting, yoga balls, stationery bikes and elliptical machines. The gym itself can accommodate around 5-7 people. The gym is open 24 hours everyday however there will only be a gym assistant from 6:30am-10pm. The gym is usually more packed in the morning and there are usually more than 5 people in the morning. However, in the night, there are only about 3 people. In addition, if you feel that you do not need any assistance in the gym, I would suggest you to head down to the gym after 10pm.


The spa is opened from 10am-10pm. When we headed down to the spa to actually try out, we were told that we will have to take a service package before using. Hence, we did not try it out in the end. overpriced. Not worth the price. Walk down the street in the opposite direction of the MRT to SK-II Boutique Spa to enjoy a spa from a more renowned brand.

(Add Image of Room Service) The food we ordered for room service were Club Sandwich, Wok-Fried Crabmeat and Prawn Fried Rice and Penne Arrabiata. The prices for the dish were SGD 21, SGD 25 and SGD 24 respectively. The price is not really overpriced as it was quite delicious. However, the waiting time was very long. The waiting time was around 50 minutes to 1 hour, however they told us that it was around 30 minutes and they did not gave us a call back to tell us that they would be late.


(Add Image of Breakfast at First Floor) The breakfast at the first floor is an entitled breakfast if your hotel rates includes it. It has a wide variety of food. From Chinese food, to Western food. From rice and noodles to bread and salads. The view from the dining area is a very nice waterfall. The dining area is very spacious and it is a very well-furnished. The food are organised very neatly which makes it very easy for people to take the food. There is also a chef which cooks Laksa and eggs like sunny side-up and omelette. The service crew was also very polite and nice as they would refill your coffee and tea and also clear up your plates without you prompting them as they are very proactive. Overall, the food was pretty pleasant.


(Add Image of Breakfast at Executive Lounge) This breakfast is very similar to the breakfast on the first floor. However, this breakfast is only entitled to tower guests. If you are a tower guest, you can make an option of whether you want to have your breakfast at the dining area on the first floor or at the executive lounge. The service likewise was very good as they are very polite and proactive. The food was also pretty pleasant. The plus point of the executive lounge is that you can dine at a more relaxed and less crowded area.

(Add Image of Gift Shop) The gift shop which is located at basement one opens from 8am-8pm on Monday-Friday and it opens from 9:30am-7:30pm on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays. The gift shop sells items which are quite authentic and it is not really expensive. Some of the gifts cost even just a dollar.


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