The Westin Beijing hotel is a modern, classy hotel located in the chaoyang district of Beijing, China. The room has a warm, rustic touch with the wooden decors, brown mat and rough wall texture. The lukewarm lighting would make you feel comfortable and safe in the room. However, this dim lighting would cause people to encounter difficulties doing paperwork or reading. This room is very much suitable for couples to enjoy the night in without having to worry about the burden of work. The unique art work hung above the bed gives the room a truly exotic feel.

Date of stay: April 2013


Spectacular view from the hotel’s indoor pool. Spacious and simple, this pool would be the main attraction in the hotel. The morning sun gives warmth to the pool while the night skylights is a wonderful sight to behold. One drawback however, during the afternoon, the pool would get rather hot and glaring as the sun reflects off the surface of the water.


This is one of the dish from the Westin Beijing hotel room service. It is a typical dry wanton noodle served with soup. The dish was not really delicious but it is convenient. The other option you can do to is to dine outside as it is cheaper.


PROS                             CONS

Warm, homely                                Dim room lighting

Classy look                                       Indoor pool may be too glaring

Nice view

Indoors pool                                                                          


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