Langham Place prides itself as being one of, if not the best luxury hotels you can stay at in Kowloon, Hong Kong. It boasts an abundance of finest amenities that will satisfy all guests. In my short trip to Hong Kong, I will try for myself and see just how perfect this hotel is.

Date of stay: October 2012


Hong Kong

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Essential Place

Prices start from HKD $2176.50 per night when you book through the hotel’s official website. If you choose to book through hotel booking websites, the price starts from HKD $2040 for a nights stay at their Essential Room.


Langham Place Mongkok indubitably has one of the best places a hotel in Kowloon can get. It is based adjacent to the Mongkok subway station (MTR), and located just at the hotel’s doorstep is Langham Place shopping mall. Furthermore, guests can conveniently access Hong Kong’s numerous famous street markets, such as Ladies’ Market and Jade Market, a must do when touring in Hong Kong. Due to the close proximity to the MTR station, guests will find it a breeze should they wish to travel to other places of interest. That being said, Hong Kong international airport is only 35 minutes away from the hotel if you travel by train. The hotel’s location is almost perfect for the regular tourist who wishes to experience the shopping and dining options in the bustling city of Kowloon. However, the location of the hotel leaves much to be desired for businessmen. This is because the hotel is not exactly proximate to any corporate offices. That being said, there is still some level of convenience due to the efficient MTR transport system and since the hotel is not marketed as a business hotel, I would assume that most of its guests are tourists and thus proximity to offices would be the not be a large concern.


The room had an air of luxury and grandeur, albeit being really small and cramped. The layout of the room included a tiny sofa, small coffee table and work desk. But with such a limited land space, it does feel that the hotel is trying too hard to fit in as many amenities as possible without planning for ample space. Hence, the room does feel slightly cramped. I must say that I have been to even smaller room in other hotels, but they were proficient at planning their space so much so that their rooms still look and feel spacious. Langham hotel can definitely improve on this point, as luxury does not just comprise amenities and design, but also space. Nonetheless, I pretty much liked the design of the room, as it was indeed luxurious.

The bed was soft and the sheets were clean and well pressed. What I enjoyed most about the bed was the expansive selection of pillows. Guests have a choice of 6 pillows, each with different levels of softness and size. There is definitely a pillow that each guests will take a liking to. Besides this, the bed was adequately soft as well, and it should offer a good night of sleep and rest after  long day of touring or working.

Also, the bedside table had an alarm clock which serves not just 1 but 2 functions. Instead of just using it for wake up calls, the alarm clock had an iPod/iPhone dock and guests can make use of it to play some music to enhance or create a suitable atmosphere in the room. However, it is sad that this function is only usable by those with an apple iPod or iPhone and even so, it is not compatible with the iPhone 5 or later versions.

There was a work desk in the room as well, albeit slightly sparse. I would not say that it was poorly equipped, since this hotel is not a business hotel. The table lamp was also rather useful for doing some night reading or simple work, since it could be adjusted to shine on the spot that you desire.

I was surprised by the presence of this telephone on the work desk. The telephone was obviously for business purposes and it was very new and high-tech. It was easy to use, and you can call up the hotel concierge at the touch of a button. This phone also makes it easy to carry out tele-conferences if you have to. This actually benefits the busy businessmen who can’s seem to escape work even on holiday.

One of my favourite parts of the room was the superb view. The Floor to ceiling windows by the side of the bed offers unprecedented sweeping views of the city skyline, with the view even stretching to the sea. Such a picturesque view is definitely something that I am sure everyone would love to wake up to, and it also serves as a perfect backdrop for guests to enjoy a drink and some snacks at night. However, nothing is perfect and I totally did not enjoy the size and positioning of the mini sofa. The sofa was tiny and could only sit 1. Furthermore, it was placed facing inwards. You might think that you can just turn it to face the beautiful scenery, but the constrained spaces makes it a mammoth task to do so. Hence, guests’ experience is not maximised in this area, and they will be unable to fully appreciate the true beauty that the room brings.


Aside from the comfortable bed and the fantastic view from the room, the bathroom was my favourite part of this room. Clad almost fully in polished marble and glass, my impression of the bathroom upon stepping into it was that it was simply stunning.

Though small in size, the good use of glass, mirrors and polished marble slabs made the bathroom seem otherwise. Together with the intricate layout, the bathroom actually looked and felt refreshing to be in.

The glass sink was also very unique and it is the first of its kind that I have seen. This takes away the conventional bathroom ‘feel’ and injects some form of newness into the bathroom. Also, I liked the way the bathtub merged with the sink top, and ends in a diagonal position to allow space for the toilet. This design is not only different, it also allows for more to be placed in the bathroom without making it too cramped.

Guests also have the choice of using the bathtub or the shower, with the latter being enclosed by tempered glass, thus ousting any claustrophobic feelings.

However, shy guests would will definitely dislike the see through glass next to the bathtub, which gives a full view of the occupant in the bathroom. Thankfully, there are blinds that can be lowered, preventing any unwanted staring. That being said, those staying alone or with a spouse might actually appreciate the glass as it allows guests to enjoy the TV whilst having a relaxing soak in the tub.

The hotel is truly aiming to provide guests with the most luxurious experience, and this is demonstrated in their attention to details. Of course, the toilet came with complimentary toiletries, but what made it better was the wide array of toiletries provided. Guests can expect to be pampered with all the necessary items, from a comb, to tooth brushes, to mouth wash and even a loofah. All these add greatly to the convenience for guests, and thus makes the hotel seem even more luxurious.


Just as you would expect, the hotel had various standard facilities, such as a pool and a fitness center. Though I did not manage to use the facilities, I did go to have a look and I was indeed impressed.

The fitness center had almost everything that you would need for a fruitful workout, with a range of cardio equipment and free weights. What’s even more impressive is that there was a smith machine in the gym, which is rarely seen in hotels. This improves guests experience at the gym and also shows how the hotel aims to ensure that guests do indeed get the best. Furthermore, the fitness center was located strategically so that users would have an uninhibited view of the city and this makes every workout feel easier and less boring.

The outdoor pool is also heated and the surrounding area was kept clean. The setting does indeed look and feel like being in a luxury resort. Also, the area seemed to be rather tranquil when I was there, so guests would probably be able to get some relaxation done there. The only problem would be the relatively small size of the pool, with it being only 20 meters long. Hence, those who seek a serious workout might not be satisfied

Our take

I must say that the hotel’s settings and amenities are definitely luxurious and worthy of its 5 star rating. The main issue would be that the rooms are way too small and cramped to be truly luxurious. Nonetheless, the hotel make it up with its stunning designs throughout the room and the high level of convenience and comfort that guests can enjoy. Location wise, the hotel is perfect for those who wish to experience the bustling city life in Kowloon, Hong Kong. Shoppers would love the location of the hotel and the convenience provided by the MTR transport system. Businessmen, however, might want top consider another hotel that is more proximate to their offices.


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