Quality Hotel Dickson is a 4 star hotel located centrally in Canberra CBD. The rooms in this hotel gives out a homely feel and would best suit guests looking for this kind of environment during their vacation.

Date of stay: April 2014


Badham St

Canberra ACT 2602



Quality Hotel Dickson is surrounded by many bars, a Woolworths supermarket, and many eateries, all within walking distance. During our stay we had many takeaway meals, as the hotel room had the proper amenities for us to dine in.


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Our first impression of the room is that the surrounding and furniture are old and old fashioned, but once you settle in, it becomes very cozy. There’s a proper work desk that’s is useful for businessmen, and in room Wi-Fi is available but charges apply. There is also a round dining table, which came in very handy for us during our meals. In fact the room is very huge for a hotel room, and it can definitely fit a family of four comfortably. There are extra blanket and pillows in the wardrobe for guests that need it. Not mentioning the two very comfortable queen sized bed, which we were very thankful for.

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 There are also many different kinds of appliances for us to use including a toaster, which you will not usually  find in a hotel room.


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 The bathroom is also very spacious however, guests do need to be extra careful when the floor is wet. The hotel provided us with the basic supplies but what made them stand out was the soap and shampoo. Instead of the standard practice hotel does by supplying liquid soap in small bottles, Quality Hotel Dickson placed the whole container of liquid soap for their guests. We did not need to use the soap sparingly like we did in other hotels.

Our Take

Overall, for the price that we paid, we feel that it is very worth the stay in terms of comfort and convenience. We would definitely stay in this hotel again for our next visit. We would recommend guests to have their exceptionally tasty breakfast food that is worth your money at their own hotel café.



Quality Hotel Dickson
Amenities and Faciliites8
7.7Overall Score
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