Facilities in a hotel are critical, especially if most of its guests are staying for a long period of time or have a need to relax. This is the case for PARKROYAL on Pickering as most of its guests are businessmen who I would assume would appreciate quality facilities to enable them to relax after doing much work.

The hotel is appointed with a brand new fitness centre and a beautiful infinity pool, both located on level 5. The water in the pool is very clean and well maintained. After I used a pool, I noticed a cleaner doing his routine cleaning of the pool and this gave me assurance that the water was hygienic.

There are also “tents” surrounding the pool area, each equipped with its own soft sofa seats and big plush cushions. The purpose of these tents are to allow pool users to cool off and have a more private place to chat after a swim or a dip. Guests who wish to lie somewhere without the merciless heat of the sun can also utilise these “tents”. Furthermore, light refreshments and snacks can be ordered and a small menu is placed on every table and tent. This truly made me feel that everything was at my fingertips and I really enjoyed the pool experience. Also, the pool area is generally quiet except of the occasional vociferous guests, so guests can generally expect a calm peaceful time at the pool.

The architecture of the gym is very simple, and is akin to a rectangular box – nothing special. However, floor to ceiling windows surround the gym and it makes the whole gym feel very spacious despite its relatively small size. The floor was made of wooden strip tiles and this, coupled with the fauna surrounding the gym makes you feel like you are exercising in nature. However, the wood used for the flooring does not seem like it is sturdy enough for gym use. If gym users drop weights like they do in professional gyms, the the floor would require much maintenance.

The gym is well appointed with state of the art equipment. There were dumbells up to 25kgs, numerous machines that serve different purposes and target every body part an not forgetting the array of cardio equipment such as treadmills, ellipticals and stationery bicycles. The cardio equipments are also nicely placed facing the window, which provides guests with a pretty good view of the pool and the faraway skyline. I suppose this would make running less of a chore. However, many hotels have similar placements and design of their gyms as well and so, this design is rather boring and does not stand out much. All the equipment are brand new, and some are still rather unseasoned, but they will definitely offer a good workout to guests. Besides these standard equipments, the gym also has more unconventional ones, like yoga balls and yoga mats to allow for a much wider variety of exercises.

A noteworthy point to mention is that there are complimentary towels and chilled water available conveniently in the gym itself. Furthermore, there is a first aid box which is more than adequately stocked to treat minor injuries that guests may sustain while training.

That being said, my experience at the gym was a pleasurable and convenient one, as it was not crowded at all when I used it. The new equipments are definitely sufficient for those who wish to keep fit during their holiday.

Finally, I would like to bring up the impeccable service I received during my stay. All the staff I met were very friendly and it does not take a genius to tell that they have been well trained. On my way to breakfast at the lounge, I was greeted by all the cleaning staff that I passed by, and the service was no less better at the lounge. During my breakfast, the staff never failed to check on me and ask about the quality of my food. Similarly, when I checked out, I was met with the same exceptional service as the staff offered to assist me with my luggage and to book a taxi for me. Goodbye greetings were plentiful and fanciful and I have to say my staycation ended on a really high note.

Our Take

PARKROYAL on Pickering offers a delightful stay for guests and is definitely very suitable for businessmen. Tourists will like this location as well, due to its close proximity to train stations and cultural sites of Singapore. The only major setback is that this is a relatively small hotel, thus the rooms and facilities are generally small in size. Nonetheless, ingenious architecture and designs effectively makes guests feel otherwise. However, those who enjoy shopping sprees might still prefer the Orchard location for more convenience.


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